Planned Parenthood in DSISD

Get Planned Parenthood out of Dripping Springs!

  • Big Decisions 2016 was written by a supporter of Planned Parenthood*

  • Big Decisions 2016 was adopted by DSISD last spring

  • Big Decisions 2016 denies the objective biological reality of male and female.

  • Big Decisions 2016 teaches unscientific, dangerous transgender ideology.

  • Big Decisions 2016 promotes both homosexual and heterosexual sexual activity to under age minors

DSISD teachers were recently required to attend training for Big Decisions 2016

Why hasn’t our Board of Trustees voted to remove this entire curriculum?

Sad to say, the DSISD School Board did NOT vote to remove Big Decisions 2016 at the April 23 School Board meeting.


The School Board also did not vote or approve the newly written sex education program presented to them by the SHAC. 


Here is the email response from the President of the DSISD School Board to me regarding this, sent April 26:


Sharon --


On behalf of the DSISD Board of Trustees, thank you for your email and for joining us for Monday's board meeting. The News-Dispatch erroneously stated that we would be approving the SHAC's sex education curriculum during Monday's meeting. That is why I provided clarification before public comment began. The SHAC is charged with reviewing and providing the BOT with a recommendation related to sex ed curriculum. On Monday the board received the SHAC report which included the sex education curriculum recommendation.


To answer your specific questions –


  • The board did not vote or "approve" the SHAC recommended newly written sex education program that was presented to the board on Monday.

  • The board did not vote or "approve" to leave this new sex ed curriculum open to input for the next year as recommended by the SHAC.

  • The board did not vote or "approve" to post the sex education curriculum online for easy access as recommended by the SHAC.

At some point in the near future, next steps related to the SHAC recommendation will be determined.


Thank you.

Carrie Fontana Kroll


DSISD Board of Trustees


*Janet Realini, M.D., the author of Big Decisions, has posted advertisements for Planned Parenthood on her website Healthy Futures of Texas in the past [see below]. Big Decisions is taught by Planned Parenthood in some school districts.


See Healthy Futures Texas and Planned Parenthood documenting this. The R U Ready to be a Parent? advertisement recommended Planned Parenthood Clinics to pregnant teens.