Dripping Springs Century News – candidate statement

Last year, at a DSISD School Board meeting, teachers asked the board to allow students to attend the school closest to them. The bus ride for those children was almost an hour twice a day. Some of the children, said the teacher speaking for the group, actually soiled their clothes on the bus, due to their young age and the long bus ride. Their request was rejected. They were told that DSISD has never had neighborhood schools and never would have neighborhood schools.

Parents from Ledge Stone, Heritage Oaks, and Polo Club have met the same resistance from the district. These parents must drive past two close elementary schools and a middle school each day to schools miles away.

This attitude toward children and parents needs to change. Children’s needs should come first. It seems “Administrators First” is the district motto.

Relocating the Admin building and WSES will cost over $38 million, more than a new elementary school without adding any additional capacity for students. If this current bond fails, it should be replaced with a child friendly bond for a YES vote from our generous community.

Sex education is another big issue. This board adopted Big Decisions 2016 last year. This curriculum, written by a supporter of Planned Parenthood, teaches transgender ideology, fails to adequately address STDs, and asks under age minor students to role play preparing for sexual acts.

It has not, however, been implemented yet. Hopefully, the board will soon vote to replace this with a better program.

As a retired teacher with a M.Ed. in Educational Administration, I humbly ask your vote. I promise to be a passionate advocate for children, parents, teachers, and taxpayers.

Please put a fresh voice on the school board to advocate for “Children First.”

Please visit: sharon4dsisd.com.