Big Decisions 2016 Sex-Ed

DSISD Sex Education

Big Decisions 2016

The 2016-17 SHAC (School Health Advisory Council) for DSISD recommended a sex education program called Big Decisions 2016. The current DSISD School Board approved this curriculum decision last spring.

The curriculum has not been implemented yet. Yet the district has purchased the manuals and apparently is paying to send teachers to train in this new curriculum.

This curriculum is very different from the 2009 version of Big Decisions that DSISD has been using. In the 2016 Big Decisions, objective biological reality of male and female is replaced with unproven and dangerous transgender ideology. Students are told that some men do not have male body parts and that some females do not have female body parts. Under age minor students are also asked to watch or act out role plays of under age minor students preparing for both homosexual and heterosexual intercourse. The role plays suggest that as long as a condom or both a condom and birth control are used, this is acceptable for under age minors.

This teaching directly opposes the Texas age of consent law. No one under 17 can legally give consent for sexual activity.

Hopefully, because of community and parental concerns, the district will vote to cancel their approval of Big Decisions 2016 at the May 23 DSISD School Board Meeting.

See the attached rubric for Big Decisions 2016: 15 Harmful Elements - Big Decisions 2016 [hit the browser button to return]

Newly written Sex Education Program

Due to concerns expressed by the parents and community about Big Decisions 2016, the current 2017-18 SHAC has put together a subcommittee to write a new sex ed program. This new program was briefly presented at the SHAC meeting on April 10, 2018.

The district has sent out an invitation to parents to review this new curriculum:

1. Curriculum Review-Parent Access

Parents interested in reviewing the curriculum options being considered to facilitate the district's Health Education instruction for students in 5th and 7th grades may contact the Assistant Superintendent for Learning & Innovation at or call (512) 858-3010. The window for review prior to a recommendation being made is April 16, 2018-April 20, 2018. 


Please make an appointment to see the new curriculum. It should uphold all Texas laws regarding sex education, and should not be advocating or seeming to offer approval for under age minors to engage in sexual activity.  


Giving parents the curriculum online is a great idea. Training parents to become the trainers of their children is another idea that has been presented. With the current state of exposure on line to sexual topics and pornography, parents should be encouraged more than ever to be engaging in conversations and monitoring their own children.


Current district policy stating that for issues of homosexuality and transgender topics, “teachers will refer students back to their parents to discuss the topic” should stand.


Compassion for Students with Gender Dysphoria


Do you agree with laws protecting under age minor children from purchasing cigarettes or alcohol or from driving vehicles?


Do you agree that all children should be allowed to go through natural puberty?


Protecting minors is the issue here.


Do you agree that minor females should not be subjected to FGM?


Thankfully, FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) is illegal in the US for anyone under the age of 18. The FGM law passed by Congress in 1996 made FGM a felony.


Here is a most overlooked fact: most children and adolescents with Gender Dysphoria will desist if allowed to go through natural puberty, between 75-98%.


If most children with gender dysphoria will accept their biological sex after normal brain development that occurs during puberty, why are puberty blockers, opposite sex hormones, and sometimes surgery often being recommended for these children?


Powerful billionaires and others in the medical and pharmaceutical industry are promoting chemical and surgical intervention for children and adolescents.

These people have a financial interest in developing an income stream for themselves with chronic patients ever in need of hormones and extensive surgery.


In England, data reveals that referrals to clinics for GID (Gender Identity Disorder) have increased exponentially. This is of great concern to parents who see the issue of becoming transgender a social contagion, a way to get attention and become one of a socially “cool” group.


Sadly, many people are afraid to speak out and protect children from transgender ideologues.


I have the most extreme compassion for any one suffering from gender dysphoria., especially children. No child should be bullied for any reason.


But biological reality is not bigotry.


Let the Dripping Springs community exemplify the most courteous behavior toward everyone in discussing these issues. Where the model in other areas of the country may be to simply make personal attacks against those who disagree with us, let us rather logically with an open heart discuss how we can best protect and nurture all the children in our community. None of us wants to harm any child.


Reference Sources: DSMS Sex Education FAQ