Vital Issues

My vision: Ensure that Dripping Springs Independent School District plans for growth that puts the safety of children first.

Here is why I am running for DSISD School Board:

  • Busing primary and middle school children long distances needlessly must stop!
    • Some children are required to drive past two elementary schools, Rooster Springs and Sycamore Springs, that are close to them, because they are “assigned” to a school far from their neighborhood.
    • Some middle school students as well are not allowed to attend the closest middle school, Sycamore Springs. These students must drive past the closest middle school because they have been “assigned” to DSMS.
    • Busing students long distance is not right. Human kindness, as well as common sense, always will put the safety of children first.
    • Our current school board members have agreed to the current system that does not allow elementary children, or junior high school children, to attend the school that is closest to them. This system must change.
  • We should build new elementary schools in neighborhoods as much as possible.
    • We need to follow the example of Belterra. Belterra donated land so the district did not have to purchase land for a school. This is a fantastic example and model.
    • We need to work with developers during the planning stages to assure that schools are safely tucked inside the new neighborhoods as much as possible.
    • We need to drop the “factory model” of education and think of the needs of the children. The children do not exist to fill up far away buildings. The school buildings should be carefully planned to be in the neighborhoods where the children live as much as possible.
    • We need to keep children off Highway 290 and RR 12 as much as possible.
  • We should plan carefully so that the tax revenue from new families and new businesses moving to DSISD pays the cost of the needed new school facilities.
    • Do not over tax the current residents!
  • School safety: no soft targets in DSISD!
    • DSISD has an excellent evacuation plan in place.
    • Schools do not have equivalent safety features. This must change! All schools should have buzz-in systems and adequate cameras, not just one or two schools.
    • We need a citizen study group to evaluate options such as the school marshal program or possibly hiring extra security staff for enhanced security.
    • It is NOT acceptable to say that nothing can be done to discourage violence in schools. We can make it difficult and unappealing for someone with a criminal intent to even think of trying to hurt our school children.
  • Transparency
    • Our elected school board members should listen to the community and respond graciously.

I am committed to improve the transparency of the school board and promise to address and discuss these issues and other issues openly. I want to improve the level of trust among the school board, faculty, and parents.

Let’s work together to make Dripping Springs the absolutely safest and best place to raise a family.

I would be honored to represent you and work openly with you to always try to do what is best for our students, teachers, and taxpayers.

Thank you for visiting my web page!